TinyWebRadio Goes 64bit


It's finally time for the 64bit version of TinyWebRadio...

Even though it's still in it's alpha stage I thought it was time to realease it for you to try it out. I will keep working on it and please let me know if you have any problems...

Download it here

What is TinyWebRadio

I was looking for a small and portable player for listening and recording webradio-streams.
I couldn't find a good one so I decided to make one myself.

The application is made as basic as possible so it should be self explainatory.

Some pointers...

  • Right-click on a station in the preset-list to add it to the favorites
  • Right-click on the filelist in "My Recordings" to bring up a menu

Supported input formats: mp3, wma, asx, asf, ram, ogg, aac, m3u, pls
Supported output formats: mp3, ogg

Please note that even though "ram" is supported, Real Media is not!
A "ram"-file a playlist that can include mp3, wma or any of the other supported formats, if it includes a link to a "ra" or "rm"-file, it wont work.

Tested on Windows XP/Vista 32bits/Windows 7
If you get it to work on an operating system not listed above, please let me know.

I can't distribute the binaries for Lame because it requires a patent license.

To use the built in mp3 support, please put lame.exe in the 'encoders' folder.
Try to get Lame version 3.97 by using the link below, you can use lame above version 3.97 by setting custom encoder, see example here

This is just if you want to record the stream as an mp3, you don't need it to listen.

Google search for Lame 3.97